Antares Vision
Antares Tracking System for China e-code

With over 110 full aggregation lines, Antares Vision meets the various Track &Trace regulations.
Antares Tracking System for China

Antares Tracking System is a comprehensive flexible solution able to manage e-codes both for cartons serialization and for cases aggregation.

That means:

  • Possible integration of existing devices (printers, cameras) for e-codes printing and reading
  • Smart data exchange with existing software systems ( as ERP or MES)
  • High scalability to meet new needs

All the Antares Print & Check serialization modules perfectly fit for Chinese T&T. 4 models and 14 different variants for all application need, from weighing to labeling and tamper evident seal application.



In order to fulfil the Chinese rules with the utmost reliability and efficiency in the aggregation phases, a Datamatrix dummy-code is printed on the carton flap beside the data and lot variable data.A smart camera will read the E-code on cartons and associate it to the dummy-code (Datamatrix) to facilitate following levels of aggregation.








Aggregation Modules


The Antares solutions range includes a unique set of modules to support the various aggregation activities of the packaging process. These modules allow for shortened installation and validation timelines, as well as for easy and quick changeover.
  • Bundling: Various modules equipped with high resolution cameras to read all datamatrix codes inside the bundle/wrap; and print, apply, and verify the bundle label.
  • Case Packing: 4 modules to support manual case packing operations by performing the reading of several datamatrix codes at the same time. The solution minimizes any source of error that may arise from manual case packing. 
  • Palletizing: Module that enables manual aggregation of cases to pallets.
  • A Warehouse Manager for shipments and the Notification Manager for managing data to local authorities complete the solution.

During warehouse and distribution activities the e-code on the cases are scanned by handheld scanner and uploaded to Warehouse Tracking System, a software module of the Antares Tracking System.