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VRI - Visual Rotating Inspectors
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Inline and standalone machines to inspect a wide range of glass or plastic medical containers for liquids, powder or lyophilized drugs.
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VRI are inline and standalone machines designed to inspect a wide range of glass or plastic medical containers for liquids (such as solutions, suspensions, emulsions and oil-based products), powder or lyophilized drugs.

Visual Rotating Inspectors are made of four product families and ten different models to cover all inspection needs:

  • the Argo and Angkor models combine particle checking, filling level checking with cosmetic and functional faults detection;
  • the Icon models perform vacuum leak testing to verify the integrity of containers;
  • the monobloc Evo models integrate all the above functions with labelling, rinsing and drying options.

The vast set includes machines able to inspect volumes from 1 ml to 1000 ml, ranging from the inspection of Small Volume Parenterals (vials, ampoules, cartridges, syringes) to Large Volume Parenterals (such as medical bottles or Blow Fill Seal).


Intermittent motion and high-speed continuous motion rotary systems allow productions up to 24.000 containers/hour.










Several light sources and different lighting techniques (direct light and back light) enable the identification of all the defects. The high resolution of the cameras and the optics used enable tiny defects to be identified, while sophisticated analysis algorithms minimise false rejections even in conditions of maximum sensitivity.

Reject verification system based on “fail-safe” principle ensures that containers recognized as defective will not reach the channel of good products.


The machines can be run by a single operator through the built-in touch-screen display, where all the controls and configuring functions are available





  • Particle inspection inside the product.
  • Leak test with vacuum trend analysis.
  • Inspection of foreign bodies over the product level.
  • Filling level checking.
  • Container cosmetic and functional faults detection.

      • Flip-off seal cap: color and integrity.

      • Cap and tip integrity.

      • Aluminium vial seal: crimp quality, dents or snicks.

      • Container body, neck, upper and lower part: cracks, scratches, air bubbles, stains.

      • Containers bottom and bottom edge: breaks and chippings.

     • Hanger presence and integrity verification.

  • Labelling application and verification.




  • Wide range of inspected formats (from 1 to 1000 ml).
  • Inspection of small and large volumes plastic/glass containers or pre-filled syringes.
  • Liquids, powder and lyophilized products inspection.
  • Gripping pressure/strength is adjusted to the appropriate value according to the bottle size, weight and kind of cap using a pneumatic regulation.

  • In case of different neck/cap, pads can be easily and quickly replaced simply pushing the release button.
  • Motor rotation speed is automatically set depending on product size and in control type.




  • High throughput (up to 24.000 containers/hour)
  • High accuracy: detection of reflective and opaque particles inside the products up to 20 µm of dimension.
  • High reliability: double independent particle inspection to provide redundancy
  • Accurate cosmetic inspection with detection of defects up to 1mm x 1mm.
  • Non-destructive integrity leak check with vacuum decay with an accuracy up to 20 µm.
  • Automatic rejection system with various outlet channels depending on the nature of the defect.
  • Latest vision technologies used to minimize number and complexity of inspection stations.
  • Multiple cameras high resolution based inspection system with high speed vision capturing and processing system to increases accuracy and efficiency of the machine.
  • Wizard menu for new formats or modification of current format.
  • Leak test, visual inspection and labelling application/inspection in the same base.
  • Quick change of container gripper pads without using tools.
  • Fully automatic height adjustment of carousel by servo-assisted screw jacks to accommodate different bottle sizes.
  • Easy exchangeable infeed screw starweels and guides for rapid changeover of different product sizes.
  • Carousel grip the containers from above keeping it clear for best illumination and inspection of all parts.
  • Carousel supported from top for a comfortable access to mechanical and electrical equipment as well as to the vision system (cameras and illuminators) allowing an easy cleaning and a simpler maintenance.
  • Advanced statistical analyses with detailed reject typology to help detecting the reject causes in the upstream production process.
  • CFR 21 Audit Trail Reports can be printed on a laser printer built into the machine.




  • Single touch-screen display to control all machine functions:

         • check of all cameras,

         • machine status,

         • programming of formats,

         • diagnostics.

  • Industrial 19” PC Windows OS based.
  • Easy and user-friendly graphic user interface.




  • Manages up to 5 user login levels.
  • FDA 21 CFR part 11 and GMP Annex 11 compliant.
  • Developed following GAMP 5 approach.
  • Availability of all documentation involved in the GAMP approach.