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A New Award to Celebrate 5 Years of Continuing Growth
“Osservatorio PMI”, by SDA Bocconi Management School, awards Antares Vision as one of the Italian Excellences for the year 2017
It was May 26, 2015 when I flew to London to receive the European Business Award, the prestigious competition that gives prominence to successful, innovative and ethical European companies for the Best Growth Strategy of the Year, one of the 11 categories of the European Business Award, after a 16-month long competition. More than 24,000 European companies were selected and examined by a prestigious panel of European entrepreneurs, cultural and institutional representatives at an international level. The process moved from the analysis of a first questionnaire filled by our marketing department, then a professional video realized by Hendrik Kneusels to present our company and finally a face to face meeting with a 15 minutes presentation in Amsterdam in front of the international jury. Then we were invited to the Gala ceremony at London, as finalist, but until the very last second I had no clue that we were going to win. By chance, a few days ago, I found my improvised speech transcribed on a website: “An almost unexpected award, given the great value and quality of the other finalists,” said Zorzella during the awards ceremony. “However, if I think of the work we do every day, the value of our employees — who represent the heart and mind of the company — the quality of our customers, who are the real judges of our success, the trustworthy relationships built with our partners, who helped us become an international group in just three years, then I believe I can say we certainly deserved it.”
I still feel these words very alive and actual; the only difference is that now the years since we started our international development are five. And to analyse the performances of the Italian companies during a target period of five years is exactly the scope of the “Osservatorio PMI”, a project launched 9 years ago by SDA Bocconi Management School and currently coordinated by Global Strategy, an international company of management consulting and corporate finance. Following a detailed analysis of the key business parameters of over 40,000 Italian companies, Antares Vision has been indicated as one of the Italian Excellences for the year 2017, thanks to its outstanding and constantly performed results during the last 5 years. On Thursday June 22 we have received our Award at Palazzo Mezzanotte, home of the Italian Stock Exchange (Borsa Italiana), and we have been invited to participate to a round table where we discussed about the new challenges linked to Industry 4.0. Despite the fact that many people consider Industry 4.0 a risk for employment, Antares Vision has brought its view that an appropriate use of these new technologies will bring higher competitiveness and value added to the Italian industry - being Antares Vision itself a brilliant example of this opportunity, keeping the people always at “the heart and the mind of the company”.
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